1. Puja Patel

    Loved this post! Very informative. I’ll start drinking more black tea at work. Are there any brands you would recommend??

    • Although black tea is really healthy for you, it honestly isn’t my favorite type of tea. There are many other types of tea that offer similar health benefits. I personally find black tea a bit bitter, but a lot of people add a splash of milk to their black tea to counteract this. You can also opt to just not steep the tea as long.

      My favorite kind of tea would have to be green tea. Some teas have little to no caffeine content, black tea actually has the highest, so if your looking for something to get you through the day that would be your best pick. Also if you want to try out some different tea’s there are a bunch of sampler packs available online – that’ll give you the chance to try a few before you decide on your favorite. I’m generally impartial to brand when it comes to tea, but some big players in the field would be Lipton, Bigelow, Tetley, Tazo, etc.

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