1. Jadiah

    Wow, your website is so cool! I’m only a sophomore in college right now but your post was very helpful and you made some really interesting points. Thank you so much for posting this :))

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  3. steve

    And now the “glass half empty” version:

    “You will have money to enjoy yourself.” The moment you start a family, you will never have money to enjoy yourself again. If you do, you’re not saving enough for retirement or your kid’s college education.

    “Once you are done with work, you are done.” If you have a job with any form of real responsibility, you will be “on call” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I have been on call in this manner for over 20 years.

    “You have more time to pursue a passion or do something you like.” The family will kill this one too. You’ll be dragged to more soccer games and school recitals than you can ever imagine.

    “The weekends mean something completely different.” See above.

    “The work you do now has a tangible purpose.” You will be taking whatever job pays to support the family, repay college debt, build retirement, or save for child’s college. The work that has a tangible purpose is 20-30 years in the future when you are retired from your first career.

    “You can’t drink almost every day of the week.” Yes you can. After coming home to the family, you’ll need to!

    “You’ll no longer be in a community of people your age.” True. Sometimes this means nepotism has placed the CEO’s kid as your supervisor and your 20 years of experience over them becomes a liability because they “know everything”.

    “Your social life might be a little different.” True. It will be non-existent.

    “You can no longer be a night owl.” Diapers need to be changed all night long. You will be the MASTER of being a night owl.

    “Your wardrobe may have to make some changes.” The expanding waistline will be the first change.

    Sorry for the dose of reality!

    • admin

      Haha well a lot of this is due to change overtime but I’m glad you agree on some points. They say life is made up of multiple phases – which would be when you’re starting your career, getting married, having kids, or maybe getting divorced etc.

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